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Burden for India ministries is a candle light, for india in which thousands of peoples are in the spiritual darkness. It carries the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached. Dr. Joy P. Oommen, while he was in Bible College, God has given him a Burden in his heart about the Gospel work in India. That burden was burning in his heart many years. That is why he started this ministry as Burden for India Ministries in the year 1982.
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 Dr. Joy P. Oommen & Family

 A man of God with an assured vision from the Lord to reach the  unreached in India. He was born as a son of an Evangelist in the year 1942  in a remote place of Kerala, South India. He was called into the minisry in 1964, while he was working with the India Steamship Company, Bombay, India. Since 1970 he is doing various Gospel Ministries. 
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Goal and Mission

Burden for India Ministries has a vision to Reach the Unreached in every corner of India. Our main focus is to establish Churches among the unreached all over in India.  


As the part of Ministry in India Dr. Joy P. Oommen established an organization called Bethel Gospel Assembly in 1990 at Pathanapuram. Under this ministry, we have been extended various steps to casting the net for souls.

Church Planting

          Church is the body of Christ where the believers live together peacefully and are getting growth spiritually. It is the place to develope a fruitful Christian. Bethel Gospel Assembly started as a small church at Kumbanadu in 1990 and it slowly extended all through India with 150 well established churches and also a number of native ministers. BGA still having the aim to establishing churches.

Bible College

Under a group of board members Dr. Joy P. Oommen formed Calvary Bible College at Pathanapuram in 1992. It has been developed and produced hundreds of dedicated ministers and sent them to wineyard. Now Calvary bible college runs in different parts of Kerala and recently started a new branch at Orissa.
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Children's Home

Modern India faces a lot of challenges in order to provide food and shelter to her children. There are thousands of rejected children wandering through the Indian streets as hopeless. Who will shake this cursed destiny?  As a part of a little help we runs a children home at Navarangpur in Orissa.

Conventions & Crusades

In early time Burden for India Ministries mainly focused on cunducting Crusades all over India to establishing God's kingdom. At present Bethel Gospel Assembly conducts Annual convention at Pathanapuram every years. It will be always at the last week of January. More over we organize conventions, monthly Meetings, open air meetings, tract distributions and house visiting etc on the Church or Section base.